Shortly after starting Odd Produce, Dave started growing some plants in the backyard for edible flowers and garnish. In 2012 he started growing more product in a rented greenhouse. In 2018 everything was transfered over to The Land of Odd, Odd Produce’s property in Iroquois County IL. Planting is starting now for the 2019 growing season.

Throughout the growing season we work with Native Prairie Farms out of Wanatah Indiana with our friend and farm partner Leon Davis. From the start of the season helping us harvest ramps, through the wild mushroom season Leon consistently brings us amazing farmed and foraged goods. Even all our paw paws come from Leon.

In the wintertime we go down to Florida for a couple weeks each month to source citrus, tropicals, and forage where we also have restaurant clients that we service. From the amazing blood oranges and satsumas we get from The Produce Barn and Groves in Pomona Park FL, to the bay rum, allspice, papayas, and bananas from John Roger’s tropical orchard in Melbourne FL, to the Meyer lemons at Ace High’s family farm in Fort Pierce FL, to the Ugli fruit and avocados we get from Unity Groves way down in Homestead FL, and all the little roadside stops and feral groves in between we get an amazing array and variety of products throughout the winter.


For a current list of products, visit our products page.  Get up-to-date info and place orders by calling or texting Dave at (847) 409-8623 or emailing