CULTIVATED MUSHROOMS (available year-round)

Maitakes - $12.50/lb
Lions Mane - $12.50lb

Bulk King Trumpets - $6/lb
Clustered King Trumpets - $8/lb
Beech Mushrooms - $8/lb
Crack Cap Shiitakes - $7/lb
Oyster Mushrooms - $6/lb


We are in the process of re-configuring our greenhouse but this is what we typically have available.

Large leaf oxalis (green and red), small leaf oxalis (yellow and red), succulent oxalis, cardamom leaf, parcel, allspice leaf, various herbs and greens.


Because of the nature of foraging, new and different products are available each week. Listed are just some of the items available seasonally. Please email Dave at for this week's availability or call him at 847-409-8623. 

November-March: In the wintertime we head to Florida once a month and bring back amazing citrus and tropicals that are available throughout the winter. Usually 10-20 varieties of citrus, aromatic leaves, avocados, papayas, foraged vegetation and sea vegetables, and more.

April-May: Ramps, wild green garlic, garlic mustard, nettle, forest greens, Japanese knotweed shoots, lily shoots and corms, sassafras root, maple flowers, mint, bergamot, violets, mint, spruce tips, elderflower, angelica, cow parsnip, pheasant back mushrooms, sweet cicely, misc greens, herbs, and flowers.

June-July: Juneberries, mulberries, black raspberries, blackberries, honeysuckle, chanterelles, lily buds and flowers, mint, bergamot flowers, locust flowers, bergamot flowers, sassafras leaves, misc wild herbs, cherries, stone fruits, greens, flowers.

August-September: Chicken of the woods mushrooms, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, lobster mushrooms, elderberries, autumn olive, lamb's quarters, paw paws, apples, pears, acorns, epazote, mint, Chinese leeks, misc greens, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

October-November: Maitake mushrooms, puffball mushrooms, chicken of the woods mushrooms, wood blewit mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, apples, pears, autumn olive, mint, misc greens, mushrooms, fruits, flowers, and herbs.