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Carnivore/Oak Park - Eat The Neighborhood: Ramp Foraging Walk and Foraged Lunch @ Carnivore in Oak Park

Meet at Carnivore (1042 Pleasant St, Oak Park IL 60302) and peruse the surrounding neighborhood for edible plants with Chicago's own professional forager, Dave Odd. Then off to the nearby woods to see wild ramps* in their natural habitat! Then back to Carnivore at noon for a three course meal made from the very things seen on the walk lovingly crafted by Chefs Brad and Erik. Guaranteed to see and learn about 50 different species!

$50 per person for the walk/$90 per couple. $25 per person for lunch/$40 per couple. Includes 1 beverage. BYOB.

RSVP by texting or calling Dave Odd at 847-409-8623 or call Carnivore at 708-660-1100

*Ramps are the famed wild leeks or "stinky onions" for which Chicago is named.