From your own yard to the deep wilderness, Eat the Neighborhood has foraging and wildlife tours available for private groups, meetup groups, team-building outings, singles events, classrooms, camp groups, scouts, etc. for all ages and experience levels. Dave Odd, Chicago's only full time professional forager, will often be your guide, but many other experts are available as well.

Anything from the most basic level foraging tour starting in your own backyard and parusing the surrounding blocks, to all day/weekend survival camps out in the wilderness where we only eat what we can forage and catch, we have a program to fit your needs. On any given tour, you are guaranteed to learn about at least 40 edible or medicinal plants.

Pricing for tours is factored on a per case basis,  sliding scale rates are available for educational institutions, and free tours for low income families and neighborhoods can be arranged. Regularly scheduled events are available for anyone to join or sign up, check calendar for details.

Odd Produce works with over 75 Chicago area restaurants and we can schedule foraging and dinner events paired with some of the restaurants that we work with. The tour will be followed by a meal at a host restaurant incorporating what was seen on the tour. Foraged meals can range anywhere from $20 to $100+ per person depending on the restaurant and involvement of the meal and wine pairings and such. 

Foraging tours can be arranged for any neighborhood in any area throughout Chicagoland and even anywhere in the Midwest. Our tours in wild areas will often include getting up close and personal with wildlife as well, as Dave's first love of nature was with insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

Call 847-409-8623 or email to inquire or schedule a tour or event.