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Survival Camp/Beaverville IL - Eat The Neighborhood: First Ever Intensive Survival Campout Weekend @ The Land of Odd, Beaverville IL

This will be the first ever intensive weekend long survival workshop with Dave Odd and Little John renowned forager and wilderness guru from Wisconsin (Plant Based Services) .

Included in the weekend will be foraging walks and gathering, small animal butchering demo, identifying animals and plants, wild food preparation and cooking, reptile and amphibian viewing, fishing and filleting, sassafras tea/rootbeer making, garden tasting tour, campfire games and camaraderie, and more. All meals will be provided and sourced locally. There may even be a professional chef on board.

Guests may arrive to set up their tents on Friday night and leave on Monday morning.

All on our new property in Beaverville IL in the amazing and wonderful Kankakee Sands wildlife area. Bathroom with shower should be available by then (being built now).

$250 per person, $450 per pair. Group rates available. Please contact Dave at 847-409-8623 or email him at .