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Eat the Neighborhood: Infinity Foundation Highland Park

Foraging Tour with the Infinity Foundation 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd in Highland Park. Open to the public. 1pm-4pm.

Take a walk through the woods and the surrounding neighborhood to find out about every edible, medicinal, useful plant, and mushroom from the forest floor to the treetops, lawns, sidewalk cracks, and even the landscaping around homes.

Join Dave Odd, Chicago’s only full time professional forager with more than 25 years experience in the field, for an eye-opening exploration.

Discover in real time a field guide of all the wild edibles that grow right in your own backyard. Seeing 50 species is a guarantee and upwards of 70-80 are usually seen. Everything you discover will be described in easy terminology. Walk away with useful knowledge to use for a lifetime and perhaps change the way you look at landscapes around you. Questions are welcomed throughout the expedition.

Dress for the weather and natural environments and bring a bottle of water. Meet at Infinity and go from there to a nearby local forest.

Call 847-831-8828 to get tickets or visit to sign up.

Rain date June 9th.