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The Land of Odd 4th of July Hangout Campout

Whether you are interested in foraging, camping, hiking, fishing, herping (reptile & amphibian sighting), birding, checking out haunted sites, visiting bison, bonfires, stargazing, fireworks shows, exploring abandoned buildings, frolicking in waterfalls, or whatever, this is going to be an informal campout hangout for whoever the heck wants to come out and hang out for the holiday weekend. Pay whatever you feel like it's worth to you. Show up whenever you want, leave whenever you want. Every day we will have loosely structured activities to participate in or you can just go off and explore or fish or whatever on your own. Everyone can bring whatever food, beer, wine you want and we will cook out for every meal on the big grill, firepit, or the stove inside. The visitor center/cabin is equipped with a full kitchen, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, two full bathrooms with showers, running water, electricity, and a huge natural history/science library and it's air conditioned! Bring a tent and pick your campsite or you can borrow one of ours. In the middle of the Kankakee Sand Prairies in the Northeast corner of Iroquois County IL surrounded by acres and acres of wildlife area and unscathed Illinois/Indiana wilderness. It's a truly magical place.

Just text or call Dave to RSVP or for info at 847-409-8623